Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Orange Crayons

oy!!!! okay, so lunch was chicken noodle soup, banana, gala apple slices and water for those that just HAVE to throw sippy cups. while giving Rose a sink bath/rinse before dry diaper and nap, I changed Bess and gave her a bottle, and put LILY on the toilet.

I SHOULD have frisked her for a SHIV. she had smuggled in an orange crayon (she was only wearing a tshirt, so this is totally unexpected. I HAD a blue wall papered lavatory. it has since been bedazzled in orange crayon, WALL, TOILET seat, toilet LID.. all artistically ENHANCED with ORANGE tinted WAX.

*S*I*G*H* anyone want to know how to entice someone to commit murder/suicide, this is a very good start. the bathroom walls have now been washed, along with a spot clean of the toilet and door. at least I got the dining room curtains hung before this latest fiasco.