Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry christmas 2011

Merry xmas to all our family and lilly and mommy n dada wish u best an thank you for the awsome xmas gifts an cards

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Toys

New book for birthday is great succes from great grands pester

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meals rock

Lilly bugs little sister almost here
We are eating breakfast
Lilly an mommy together again

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day two-fer

3 am.. a snack was needed to hit the spot.
7 am.. time to rise and shine, smiles and snuggles are good, but breakfast is what is on the agenda
7:15.. fresh diaper and a bottle of formula down
7:30 .. 1/2 a banana, a diced up cheese stick, and 1/2 a biscuit is just what we need with Sesame Street
8:00 am dancing and counting

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday with Lilly

7 am.... awake, singing
7:30... awake and want breakfast, pissed and want it NOW!
7:50... 4 oz bottle drained, in a good mood, smiley bug
7:50... clean diaper and set free to terrorize the house.
set out two toy boxes, first object: keys, stop to roll up the cuffs of her pink stretch pants that match her pink shirt. now she is going for the blow up globe of the world. and the FP corn popper. and she is off to explore the world with her keys.
8:00.. she is into the paper for the art and crafts, block them with chairs, and she is off to get her book about good night little bear, her keys, and her easter egg spinner. have about 20 minutes to make some real breakfast.
8:15... breakfast offered: steak, portobella mushrooms, 1/2 banana, cheese stick, and formula. she skipped everything but the banana and milk.
played on th floor under the table and generally getting into everything, including bonking her head on the bottom of the table 1/2 dozen times because she is too tall to go under it.
9:35... 6 oz bottle and we shall see if she is off to dream land, or just getting her second wind.
9:36... second wind it is. Tia Rescued her from the box, went up and wrassled around
10:05...  morning nap, finally...
11:15.. It is UP, a little whiney. a congested, it might be time for art project, a little painting will be fun
12:30.. well that was an experience, she has as much pink and purple on her as on her alligator, she got it on the back of her neck.
1:12... now she is in her box, watching All Dogs Go to Heaven, I got all the paint cleaned up, brushes washed, now maybe we can have a pause for 20 minutes..
1:24... she is out... time for everyone ti snag a nap in the house
3:00... She's up.. and she needs a nother diaper change
3:15... she needs some cheerios and a bottle of half and half (half formula, half lactose free milk)
4:19... yeah, that was not such a great idea. her little tummy is all bloated from the lactose free milk, she is in a mood, and after yet another diaper change, she is back in the box to watch some tv with Jordan and try to find her happy spot while we get some dinner started.
5:14... Skype with the momma, work out, crawl up the stairs, crawl down the stairs, dance to Metalica
6:04.. dinner dinner dinner.. stuffed crust cheesy cheese pizza
6:30.. Skype with the momma
7:20.. now she is chaseing legos as Jordan throws them on the floor
8:15.. nice clean diaper, 6 oz bottle of pure formula, and a couple youtubes for dancing, and finally Lilly is ready to lay down? why so late? because it day light savings, it is actually
8:55.. 7:55 and she is sound asleep.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Birthday bugster!

BUG is gona have her party when she gets home. Novemeber 19th at 1pm in Lolo. Their will be cake ice cream and pizza.  We will have a bouncy house an pony ride. Any clothes will have be 24 months or bigger size 5 shoe and please limit stuffed animals. We are going more educational and her bday themes is cowgirl! She be so excited to see you. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Food Alergies

APPLE JUICE: LIQUID RUNS and diaper rash.

CORN: bloats and cause a tummy ache, ferments in belly and upper intestines, screams from 1 - 4 am


BLUEBERRIES: butt blisters and burns.

EGGS: butt blisters and burns.

ENFAMIL:  butt blisters and burns.

GRAPES: : butt blisters and burns.


PEACHES: butt blisters and burns.

PLUMS & PRUNES: Wretched bloating, horrible gas, diarrhea, butt blisters and burns.

YOGURT: mustard cottage cheese diarrhea.